Commercial Connection at Heritage Bank

Commercial Connection

Heritage Bank Commercial Connection allows business customers to access their business account information from any computer with an internet connection. With Commercial Connection, you can monitor your daily cash position and confidently make borrowing and investing decisions. Customized security levels protect access to data.


  • Balance information
  • Book transfers
  • Stop payment requests
  • Online statements
  • Wire transfer initiation
  • Ability to export transactions into spreadsheets and databases.


  • Convenient and quick access via the Internet
  • Increased control of your cash
  • Ability to create reports by exporting information into Accounting Software

We also offer the ACH Editor which gives you expanded capabilities to set up, perform and track ACH transactions from the convenience of your own office. The ACH information is entered into a spreadsheet format with columns, rows, cells and toolbar. You may import NACHA-formatted ACH files from an external source into the ACH editor as well.

In order to utilize Commercial Connection, you simply need the following basic system requirements in place:

  • Microsoft .net framework 1.0 or newer
  • Windows® 2000 or newer
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or newer

Heritage Bank will provide any installation and customization needed as well as offering training to your employees.

Contact one of our Business Banking Professionals below today or call 678-284-3433 for one of our Support Representatives. You can view a demonstration of the Commercial Connection product. Just click here.

  • Clayton County
    Dondra Clark
    Ron Willard
  • Henry County
    Kim Devine
    Robin Gay
    Nicole Elkins
  • Fayette County
    Cindy Kelley

For more details regarding how you can protect your account information, click here.

FDIC offers insurance coverage up to $250,000.00 per customer.