Courier Services at Heritage Bank

Courier Services

Courier Service from Heritage Bank allows you to have your bank come to you. We can save you time and money by providing a scheduled courier to pickup your banking business. The convenience of allowing a courier to bring the bank to you is just a phone call away.

All of your deposits are placed into secure deposit bags so there is no worry about your deposits being reviewed prior to delivery to the bank. The contents of your deposits are reconciled to a Bill of Lading and any discrepancies are reported to you by telephone. We will also give you same day credit for your deposits.

A summary of the features offered with this service include:

  • Standard cash deposits allowed up to $100,000. (Larger amounts can be considered as well - service is provided by ATM Response).
  • Non-cash deposits, loan payments, check orders and any other correspondence can be delivered to the bank.
  • Scheduled pickups.
  • Secured deposit bags.
  • Same day credit for all deposits picked up prior to 2pm (deposits picked up after 2pm receive next day credit.)

To find out more about how Heritage Bank can help your business contact:

  • Clayton County
    Dondra Clark
    Ron Willard
  • Henry County
    Kim Devine
    Robin Gay
    Nicole Elkins
  • Fayette County
    Cindy Kelley
FDIC offers insurance coverage up to $250,000.00 per customer.