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Y2K and the Y2K16 Presidential Election

Do you remember all the hype about Y2K? There was all the talk about power grids going off- line and systems failures leading up to the collapsing of the economy. The media attention was fierce! There were even “the sky is falling” doomsday scenarios, to the extent of people spending their life savings to buy survival items and building personal bunkers.

My favorite Y2K story was from a co-worker. He told about attending a New Year’s Eve party where some fool went to the garage and turned off the main fuse to the house at exactly 12:01, causing everyone inside to panic a bit, to say the least. I thought that was hilarious and maybe something I could do for Y3K…..but then I did the math.

Well, the truth was that not much happened January 1, 2000.  It was a big NOTHING!

Flash forward to today and the media is blanketed with coverage of the 2016 Presidential Election. While all the pomp and circumstance of electing a new President is interesting and entertaining at times, it too, can produce the same doomsday effects.  Each candidate, along with his or her party, have spin doctors striking fear in people about their opponent.  The truth is that if you are relying on a certain candidate to help you more, you’re wasting your time!

Our government, with all its warts, is still better than any other system in the world.  The actual changes by Presidents are made at a glacier slow pace. Historically, the Presidents during boom times are given too much credit and the Presidents during slow times are given too much blame. Also, with a global economy, the President’s decisions have less actual effect on the U.S. economy.  You will be better served to put little stock in any political candidate and focus on your own personal policies. Your energy will be best spent in syncing up your short-term goals with your long term goals.

The day after the new President takes over you will still control your own destiny more than any elected official. You might just need to make a few adjustments.

After the next Presidential inauguration, no matter who is sworn in, it will be business as usual for just about everyone.  But, in Case of a system failure, check your garage. You might just find that a fool has pulled your main breaker!


Best Regards,

Fayette County President

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