Heritage Bank County Presidents

A few ideas we discovered as we summarized 2016

At Heritage Bank we are celebrating not one, but two great years: 2016 and 2017! As the high tide of the Great Recession finally recedes, Heritage Bank is building financial supports designed to serve the Atlanta area’s Southern Crescent as it vigorously emerges from the challenges of the last few years as only a local bank can, coupled with products designed to meet our customers’ modern needs.

The growth and optimism for the Southern Crescent was summed up very recently by our Clayton County President, David Crow:

“I found a much brighter picture than I could have ever imagined. I found a business community that is actively engaged in making a difference in their surroundings. I found many businesses expanding their operations in Clayton County and others opting to move to the county due to the benefits afforded here ….. I found non-profits led by individuals that work tirelessly to make a lasting impact ….. organizations like The House of Dawn, Arts Clayton, and Rainbow House (leading) the headlines with their acts of kindness and devotion to bettering the lives of others around them ….. Clayton County ….. has many economic engines that are rarely spoken of, including the state’s largest and most profitable farmer’s market, Clayton State University, four major interstates, a nationally acclaimed water authority, and the world’s busiest airport.”

Heritage Bank recognizes this potential and growth of the Southern Crescent and has spent the last year preparing for this. Fayette County President, Dan Vano, recently noted the addition of new people, new positions, and improvements to existing facilities in preparation for the rebound of the Southern Crescent economy:

“The operative word for 2016 was ‘new’….. During this very busy year we added new employees ….. a new Cash Value Life Insurance Loan product ….. a new loan processor ….. a new Commercial Lender/Underwriter position ….. a new Business Banker position ….. and (other) talented acquisitions. ‘New’ was not only limited to our people, but the ‘new’ construction too: inside and outside our office! In summary, 2016 was fast, fun and new. Thanks to all in the Fayette family who made is so successful!

But what can a regional, local bank offer? Pride! Pride in our community and its growth! Pride in how Heritage Bank strives to meet the growing needs of our great community. Henry County President, Kerry Arnold sums up what we do best:

“At Heritage Bank, we do not do anything mediocre. We strive to do the exact opposite. We strive to be extraordinary, exemplary, and superior. This is how our customers are treated and their financial needs are met. We will not settle for mediocrity. Our customer service should always be a Customer Experience, characterized by extraordinary, exemplary, and superior efforts to meet our customers’ financial needs. People may accuse us of biting off more than we can chew, but we’d rather choke on achievement and excellence than nibble on mediocrity.”

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Kerry Arnold, Dan Vano, David Crow