An Overview of the Small Business Banking Products Offered at Heritage Bank

Heritage Bank understands that every small business is different. That’s why Heritage Bank is committed to finding the best banking options to help your business succeed. The team at Heritage Bank is committed to helping you meet your current and long term financial goals. Here is a look at the banking and finance options offered at Heritage Bank:


Heritage Bank is aware of the daily difficulties involved in running a small business. That’s why BizPay was created: to help you pay your bills in an easy and efficient manner. By signing up for online BizPay, you can receive electronic bills, which will help reduce your processing time for paying bills. BizPay allows you to manage and control all of your bills in a single place. Many customers have noted how BizPay is faster than mailing a check.

Credit Cards

Heritage Bank offers customers many different features through their credit cards. You’ll have access to free employee cards, management tools, and mobile purchasing for your convenience. The credit cards have EMV smart chip technology to help make sure that you will only be making secure transactions.

Remote Deposit

Heritage Bank has a Remote Deposit feature that connects your computer with a scanner. Remote Deposit allows you to scan checks that you receive from your customers and quickly deposit the cash into the bank. You can make deposits at any time while reducing your labor costs. Remote Deposit also helps reduce the chances of fraudulent activity involving any check deposits.

Lending Options

Heritage Bank understands the importance of small businesses securing financing to reach their goals. Heritage Bank will perform an analysis on your business in order to understand its strengths and weaknesses. After performing an assessment of your funding needs, Heritage Bank can offer you the best finance options for your business.

SBA Loans

Heritage Bank offers Small Business Administration government assisted loans. You can choose between a SBA 7 guaranty loan or a SBA 504 loan.

Other Options:

Heritage Bank offers different real estate, retail, industrial, and office lending options.

Cash Concentration

Heritage Bank offers a cash concentration service that allows you to transfer funds from your other bank accounts into your Heritage Bank account. To make sure that everything is secure, the cash concentration transfers have multiple security levels.

Zero Balance Account

Having a Zero Balance Account allows you to manage a business checking account without dealing with excess cash balances. The ZBA helps cover any debit transactions. The ZBA helps eliminate the threat of overdrafts. Each month, you will receive a statement that explains all of the account activity.

Merchant Services

With the merchant services program, you’ll be able to accept both credit and debit card payments, as well as other payment options. This program allows you to meet the needs of your customers in a timely manner.

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Heritage Bank can assist your business with any issue that may arise. Stop in at one of our locations and speak with a professional at your earliest convenience.