Personal and Business Credit Card Solutions Offered by Heritage Bank

For over 50 years, Heritage Bank has been serving the Southeast with quality financial solutions. These solutions extend into multiple avenues such as mortgages, investment services, financial advice, and credit cards. One of the top services that Heritage Bank provides is personal and business credit card options.

Heritage Personal Credit Cards

Personal bank credit cards can be the difference between financial stability and uncertainty. The personal credit cards offered by Heritage Bank provide multiple benefits and avenues for growth. All personal credit card options offered by Heritage incorporate features such as smart chip technology to enhance security, ability to make mobile purchases for added convenience, and purchase rewards to enable you to earn bonuses for each time you take advantage of our services.

Heritage personal credit cards offer the following benefits:

Extended introductory rate periods

Heritage personal credit cards offer you a longer time to pay down your credit card balance. During this period, we also limit interest rates and lower the amount you would otherwise incur on delayed purchase options.

Our extended introductory rates will enable you to pay down your credit card balance faster and to remain in control of your finances.

Constant rewards

You will receive one point for every $1 you spend on eligible purchases, as well as $25 cash back on your first personal credit card purchase. In this way, you can build up your rewards as well as your credit card limit over time.

Heritage Business Credit Cards

Heritage offers multiple business credit cards for your company’s needs. You have the opportunity to an earn-rewards via our Visa Business reward plus card, Visa business bonus cash reward, and Visa business Cash Card. Each of these cards offers 1 point for every $1 that you spend on eligible purchases.

At Heritage, we offer the best value in terms of incentives earned for gas, restaurant, and store purchases that are made by your business credit-card.

Through our comprehensive personal and business credit card options, Heritage Bank offers attractive rates and valuable incentives that will ease your financial burden and increase your purchasing options. Learn more at: