How Heritage Bank is Utilizing Technology to Help Customers Enjoy a Great Banking Experience

Heritage Bank continues to look for ways to enhance the banking experience for customers. There have been many recent advancements in banking technology. Here is a closer look at some of the new features that Heritage Bank will be offering customers:

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking gives you the opportunity to access your accounts through your smartphone. You can ‘view your account’ to look at any recent transactions, transfer funds, make deposits, or even pay some bills.

Online Banking

With online banking, you can perform simple banking functions directly from your computer whenever you want. Heritage Bank uses innovative banking technology to provide you with a secure way to handle your banking affairs. To receive access to online banking, you must enroll by using your telephone banking Personal Identification Number.

Teller Live

Heritage Bank is excited about the release of the Interactive Teller Machine. The Interactive Teller Machine was designed to enhance the banking experience. Once you pull up at your local Heritage Bank, all you have to do is touch the screen. A live teller will appear to assist you. Next, simply insert your debit card, and your transaction should be completed within seconds.

The Interactive Teller Machine is available in a few areas throughout Georgia, including Forest Park and Jonesboro. However, there are plans in place for Heritage Bank to expand the smart ATM technology into other places around Georgia. If you would like more information about the Interactive Teller Machine, you can download a frequently asked questions brochure from the Heritage Bank website. The smart ATM technology could be a sign of what the future of banking will look like.

Remote Deposit

To set up the remote deposit feature, Heritage Bank will add a scanner to your computer. You will then be able to scan any checks that you have received. You can quickly deposit them into your banking account. Remote deposit allows you to streamline your cash flow by merging all of your funds into one single place. Setting up the remote deposit feature will significantly reduce your trips to the bank.

We hope you enjoy all of these features. We’re always happy to hear feedback and/or suggestions!