Need a Loan? Here are Some Options.

In need of a loan? At Heritage Bank, you’ll discover there are a number of different options. By contacting a loan representative, you’ll be connected with a loan best designed for your personal needs.

Personal Loan

Personal loans cover a number of different concerns. Maybe you’re planning on going on an extended vacation and need extra cash on hand. Your home may need sudden repairs, or you might need a little extra money to send your kid to soccer camp. Whatever the reason, a personal loan is designed to help when you need extra money to help your given situation. Contact Heritage Bank today for help finding the right loan.

Personal Line of Credit

A personal line of credit is similar to that of a personal loan. However, unlike a lump sum of money you receive from the bank during a personal loan, your line of credit is designed for short term cash needs when you don’t know exactly how much is required. Perhaps there are medical expenses coming up and you’re searching for a way to help pay these bills. You might also need to repair your vehicle or put money away towards taxes. When you know you need money but are not initially sure exactly how much you might need, the personal line of credit may prove to be your best option.

Home Equity Loan

Interested in conducting a home improvement? Maybe you finally want to install that basement bathroom, or have been dreaming about a new kitchen. A home equity loan can help you with this. The loan helps give you the money you need to boost your home equity. Additionally, a home equity loan allows you to borrow against the value of your home.

Second Mortgage

A second mortgage is similar to a home equity loan; you can take out a second mortgage on your current property when you need a larger sum of money in-hand.

If you’re interested in a loan, now is the time to contact Heritage Bank. A loan officer is standing by to assist you with your lending questions, and is able to connect you with the best loan for your given situation. So, if you have further questions or are ready to apply for a loan, give us a call.