Protecting Yourself From Financial Fraud

Cybercrime and information theft have become more frequent as the tools used to steal information have become more advanced. Credit card theft and unauthorized access to bank accounts are also among the most common cybercrimes. With so many dangers, it can be hard knowing how to prevent fraud of your financial accounts. However, keeping your information safe is not as hard as it looks as criminals tend to target vulnerable accounts that make common easy to correct mistakes. The following three tips will keep your account secure, and help protect your information.  

Choose Your Password Carefully

Your account PIN and Password should be hard to guess, and carefully protected. Many criminals access accounts simply by brute forcing the password or simply finding it written down in an easy to find location (such as in your wallet with your bank card). Your access information should never be written down, shouldn’t be easy to guess, and shouldn’t be based on commonly known information such as a spouse’s name or your birthday.

Avoid Phishing

Phishing is one of the oldest methods of illegally accessing accounts. Simply by posing as an employee of your finance provider or bank criminals obtain your information simply by asking for it. Never give out any passwords or access information over the phone, as your bank will never ask for this. The same is also true for email; never provide your passwords, PIN, or personal information.

Be Observant

Finally, simple awareness can help keep your information safe. If you lose your bank card, be it through theft or a simple accident, report the card as lost, immediately. This deactivates it, prevents it from being used, and also starts the process of issuing a replacement. When using ATMs, be aware of anyone around you and avoid typing your PIN in such a way that’s easy to see over your shoulder. Also, if an ATM looks suspicious, don’t use it; many criminals install skimmers (or card readers) on ATM card slots to collect account information. Last but not least always, review your bank statements for abnormalities and report them immediately.

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