Ways to Cut Costs When You’re Planning for the Big Wedding Day

Planning for a wedding is expensive. As you start to add things up, it can quickly surge into the tens of thousands of dollars without ever blinking an eye. While you want your fairytale wedding, you probably also don’t want to go into substantial debt before the two of you say “I Do.” So instead, why not focus on a few different ways to cut costs when planning for the big day? Here are a few ways you can go about saving money while still planning for the perfect wedding:

Slash the Guest List

Do you really want to invite a few hundred people to your wedding? First, it’s a headache, and trying to track down everyone who haven’t sent back in their RSVPs is a nightmare. Beyond that, after you consider the amount of money you’re paying for food per head (not to mention drinks if you have an open bar,) you very well might save at least $100 per person that you knock off the guest list. Consequently, if you cut down your guest list, you can move to a smaller venue, which again will cost less. By shrinking from a 200 person wedding to 100, you have the potential to save thousands.


Realistically, if you want to save money, why not elope? Or set a destination wedding. By setting a destination wedding, most of your guests will be unable to attend (and yet they won’t be mad at you for not inviting them). By eloping you’re essentially cutting out the wedding and reception, and diving head first into the honeymoon.

Cupcakes instead of Cake

When you purchase a cake through a traditional reception facility, they may charge you a cake-cutting fee. It’s silly, but you may pay a few hundred bucks (if not more,) just for three minutes of cake-cutting. You know what doesn’t require cutting? Cupcakes.

Buffet Dinner

Want to save money on dinner? Opt for a buffet instead of a per-person dinner. It’s cheaper, and people can fill up.

There are several ways to go about saving money on your wedding. Whatever you decide to do to cut costs, remember that it doesn’t matter how big the wedding is, or how many guests you have. What matters is that you can celebrate the coming together of you and your soul mate. You don’t need to go into debt to do that.