How to Boost Your Banking Security

Cybercrime has become a well-known issue with data theft and large corporations having their customer information stolen. With so many issues facing consumers, it can be challenging knowing how to keep yourself safe. The issues banking customers face include identity theft, spoofing, phishing, and more. While quickly reporting cybercrimes can mitigate much of the damage, you want to avoid these issues in the first place, if possible.

Keeping your bank account secure doesn’t require high levels of technical knowledge. Good common sense and safety precautions can greatly reduce vulnerabilities and keep your bank account more secure.

Four Ways To Increase Bank Account Security


  • Monitor Your Bank Accounts: one the easiest ways to keep your bank accounts more secure is to watch them for unusual activity. The sooner you find an issue, the sooner your bank can fix it.
  • Secure Password: many people are simply careless with passwords. When setting up your passwords, make your passwords complex, but something you can remember. Uppercase and lowercase letters combined with numbers and symbols make a password a lot harder to crack. Also never reuse passwords as this can allow criminals access to multiple accounts, if only one site is breached.
  • Stay Safe When Using Public WiFi: public WiFi is often not as secure as your home network, and in many cases, anyone can access it. If you use public WiFi, make sure your security software and operating system are up-to-date, and you may want to consider using safety tools such as a VPN. Also, turn off your WiFi connection when it is not in use.
  • Use Two-Factor Identification: the use of two-factor identification adds a level of security to your bank account. When using two-factor identification, you need not only your account password, but a temporary code sent to you via text message or email. This makes accessing your account far more difficult for cybercriminals. The addition of security questions can also make your account more secure.


Increasing your bank account’s security is a combination of reducing vulnerabilities and keeping your information safe. In addition to the above tips, remember to never give out your account information, and be suspicious of strange unprompted emails, as your bank will never ask for your account information in this way. By being aware, you stay ahead of cyber criminals.

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