The Top 4 Advantages of Community Banking

Away from the big banks and other mega-corporate financial institutions on Wall Street are community banks. Deciding between the big banks and your local community can seem like such a difficult task because each banking option has its own merits.

That said, here are the top 4 reasons why you should consider banking with a local community bank:

A Personal Touch To Customer Service

Community banks invest a lot of effort in ensuring that each client is treated to a great banking experience, every time. Their approach to customer service is very personalized, always going over and beyond clients’ expectations, and you will be left feeling very much at ease in those banking halls.

Focus On The Local Community

Community banks are heavily invested in the local community within which they operate. They are actively involved in charities, and other community events, and even put their money as an investment on growing local businesses. These banks will readily invest in any venture that promises to strengthen the very foundations of the local economy.

Ease of Accessibility

With big banks, a visit to the bank will often require careful planning. For one, the bank may be in a commercial complex, a good distance away from your home or place of work. Secondly, because the halls are almost always full of clients waiting to be served, you will need to get in early to avoid the long queues. Most community banks, on the other hand, are located strategically within the community. You can conveniently rush to the bank on your break, and be back before anyone notices you are gone.

Localized Decision Making

With big banks, your loan or mortgage application may take quite a long time, thanks to bureaucratic red tape. Not so much with community banks, and this is because decisions are made locally. It becomes easier to access certain products, such as emergency loans and overdrafts, with local banks.

Community banking is customer-focused and strives to give back, and grow, the local community. You stand to enjoy these and other benefits when you bank with a community bank.

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