How to Enjoy a Summer Getaway, Without Breaking the Bank

After a grueling winter, filled with snowstorms and temperatures below zero, a summer vacation is truly well-deserved. However, most Americans break the bank whenever they plan for a getaway during warm weather. Indeed, one in three Americans spends about $1000 per person when they go on vacation. This can make planning for a getaway a very costly affair. There are several ways through which you can manage costs and make your summer vacation more affordable.

Look into Air BnB for Accommodations

Accommodation is often the single most expensive component of vacation costs. If you can find more affordable accommodation, you can save significantly. Rather than looking into costly hotel rooms, there are more innovative accommodation options such as Air BnB. Air BnBs provide more comfort, flexibility, and affordable rates. Start looking into Air BnBs at your desired destination in advance.

Plan Ahead

Last minute preparation is a sure way of incurring high vacation costs. You should start planning early, at least a few months before your desired travel date. Determine how long you plan to stay, how you will travel, and who will come along.

If booking air tickets, try to lock them in several weeks in advance. Booking accommodations early also results in cost savings.

Travel during Off-Peak Periods

Everyone wants to travel on 4th of July weekend or during other peak periods of the summer. You can save significantly by planning your vacation during off-peak periods.

Try to target late spring, early summer or early fall for your vacation. In this way, you still get to enjoy the experience without the high prices, congestion, and inconveniences of peak periods.

Take Advantage of Rewards

You may not have thought much about reward points you accumulated during the cold winter months. However, now is the time to use them. Look into redeeming your credit card rewards and other customer loyalty programs offered by merchants.

You can get great savings on air travel, accommodation, car rentals, and even vacation shopping.

Plan for the Little Things

In most vacations, it is the little necessities such as sunscreen, toothpaste, cameras-and-clothing that add up. Purchasing these items at tourist destinations means that you’ll probably pay 2-3 times as much for them. This can turn into a costly affair, especially with young kids.

Start planning your summer vacation savings now, and reap the benefits soon with a relaxing vacation.