Want to Save On Your Energy Bill? Here’s 5 Ways to Do Just That.

Summertime brings vacations, spending time outside, and fun with friends and family. It also brings higher energy bills. To keep your home comfortable throughout the season, you likely have the AC running, which substantially impacts your energy consumption. While it’s important to keep your home at a reasonable temperature, especially for young children and the elderly, there are ways to cut down on your electric bill this summer. Here are five of the best ways to do so:

Swap in New Air Filters

HVAC filters prevent dirt and debris from continually flowing through your home’s ventilation system. This gives you clean, enjoyable air. However, over time the filters will become clogged, which forces your AC to work harder in order to pump out the cooler air, which increases energy consumption. Reduce energy consumption by swapping in new air filters every two to three months.

Fill in Cracks

Check around your windows and doors for cracks. Even the smallest opening results in cool air leaking out, increasing your energy bill. Fill in cracks around walls with spray foam and consider replacing the weather stripping around the doors and windows. This fix will save you money year round.

Turn Off Lights

With longer hours of sunlight, you don’t need to rely on your lights as much. So turn these off whenever possible. And if you haven’t, make sure to swap out your current bulbs for energy efficient bulbs.

Have Your HVAC Inspected

Over the course of a year (or whenever you last had the HVAC system inspected) it goes through general wear and tear. This reduces the efficiency of the system. An annual inspection ensures it runs as efficiently as possible while helping you identify problems ahead of time.

Hang Laundry

It’s warm outside, making it perfect for drying your clothes on a close line.

Every dollar you save on your summer electric bill is money you can put towards vacations, gifts for the holidays, or to just keep for a rainy day. While your dependency on the home’s HVAC system will likely increase, it doesn’t mean you need to dwell on an expensive summer bill. By taking advantage of these five tips, you’ll drastically cut down your energy consumption and save money at the same time.