Tips for Finding a Job in the New Year

The beginning of a year presents the perfect time for people to reflect on the past year. It’s a time when people make resolutions, among which is to get employed. Others might want to change careers and look for greener pastures.

Resignations have been on a steady rise since 2001. In 2018, 2.3% of employees in the US quit their jobs. And a whopping 51% of employees in the US are considering changing jobs. The steady increase in resignation creates numerous openings for job seekers.

You can capitalize on these opportunities by following these tips:

Know What You Want

While you can begin your job search by sending out applications to every job opening you can find, this method is not very effective. You might get a job offer, but it may not suit your needs and preferences. Thus, take time to reflect on your skills, credentials, and the kind of job you want.

Using these considerations, narrow down the jobs that suit you. Look at factors such as the opportunity for growth, work culture, location, and remuneration.

Update Your Resume

Go through your resume and update it accordingly. Have you gained work-related skills that you haven’t added to your resume? Add these skills, credentials, and certificates that you’ve obtained to your resume. Also, tweak the resume to fit the job you intend to apply for.

Work Your Contacts

One great way to find a job is by reaching out to your colleagues, friends, and anyone else who might help. You have a network of friends, so use them, talk to them, and you might land something. Detail what you want, and they’ll pass the information to a company/organization that might need your services.

Use Online Resources

There are social media and job sites where you can search for jobs. Millions of employees connect with potential employers via social media. You could be tweeting to your next boss. Post your credentials on social media, especially Twitter, and it might land you an interview.

Job sites such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor will help you identify opportunities. Also, check your preferred company’s website and social media pages.

Contact Companies

Relying on online sources is effective, but contacting your preferred companies might be more effective. The chances are that your online application is one among thousands, and it might go unread. Instead of waiting and playing with chance, take the initiative of contacting the companies.

Prepare for the Interview

The interview process and resume will determine whether the organization will hire you. Therefore, study and prepare for the interview. Research the organization, and look up past interviews. Adequate preparation will help you land your dream job.