Switching to Heritage Bank

When it comes to banking, finding a partner you can trust is important. You need a banking service that combines efficiency and technology with great customer service. At Heritage Bank, you can expect both innovative and traditional banking systems, offered with the attentiveness of a local bank.

Local banking isn’t just about ease of access; it is about being able to rely on community members to provide the financial support most likely to help your environment grow. Local bankers will prioritize the comfort and peace of mind of their clients, while paying special  attention to their finances and ways to improve them.

Heritage Bank Offers A Variety Of Business Banking Services

You can trust Heritage Bank with your company’s finances. From deposit services to cash management, you can expect the standard big bank experience, with the comfort and trust of our clients in mind. Our courier services allow you to receive all necessary communication both physically and virtually, and our use of Biz Pay makes your urgent business account transactions run smoothly.

Heritage Bank also offers business eBanking (with the possibility of remote deposits), credit cards, loan packages for business professionals, special business banking rates, and highly protected security information.

Personal Banking At Heritage Bank Is Designed For Comfort

Heritage Banking currently offers reliable credit and debit card services, interest rate checking, competitive savings account interest, mobile banking, telephone banking, flexible lending options, and other services.

Heritage Bank, although a hometown bank, makes use of industry technology – our interactive teller machine provides clients an innovative banking experience with the comfort of added privacy. Our Netteller Live machine will serve you as effectively as a human teller, with added speed and increased security.

Traditional Banking Services Rely On Trust

If you were to entrust Heritage Bank with your mortgage or your business’s funding, you would find that we are dedicated to ensuring our clients’ money is protected, and productive. Our practices have the community’s improvement in mind, and we are happy to help businesses pursuing the same goal.

Switching To Heritage Bank Begins In One Click

Heritage Bank understands how stressful or confusing it can be to seek out new banking services. Our team of experienced banking professionals are trained and eager to help you make this transition in your life as easy as possible. Contact us today for more information on how to get started with any of Heritage Bank’s services!