3 Ways to Save Money by “Going Green” in Your Home

Looking to help save the planet by going green, but worried about what the initial cost might be? You’re not alone. There are people all around the country who want to do their part, but the upfront cost for features like solar energy cells might be initially out of the price range. That doesn’t mean you need to shrug your shoulders and no longer consider going green. Here are three cost-effective ways to help you save money by going green in your home. 

Energy Star Appliances

When it comes time to upgrade an appliance, you absolutely need to make sure it has the Energy Star rating. This rating indicates it uses less energy than other appliances on the market. These appliances will help you save money every single time you use it, over the other options out there. If you need to invest in a new appliance, you might as well buy something that will help you save some money on your energy bill. 

Tankless Water Heater

If you priced tankless water heaters years ago, your jaw probably hit the floor. These appliances were on the newer side (at least in the United States. They have been available and used throughout Europe and Asia for years) and looked to cost an arm and a leg. But now a tankless water heater can run about the same price as a traditional heater. It might cost a bit more to install (especially if you go with a gas heater), but you will save money, not only on your water bill, but your energy bill. You’ll also always have hot water on the ready. 

Buy Bulk, Store At Home

Stop and consider how much plastic you use. You might be startled as to just how much plastic ends up in the trash. Well, instead, opt for buying produce and other items in bulk, then store the items in reusable jars at home. 

Go Green At Your Own Pace

There are a number of larger purchases you can make, if you really want to go green. You can trade in your current vehicle for an all-electric one. You can install solar paneling on your roof, and opt for a rain barrel to collect water for your property. These are larger expenses that might be further down the road. For the time being though, these three tips are excellent ways to help you go green at your own pace.