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How to Boost Your Banking Security

Cybercrime has become a well-known issue with data theft and large corporations having their customer information stolen. With so many issues facing consumers, it can be challenging knowing how to keep yourself safe. The issues banking customers face include identity theft, spoofing, phishing, and more. While quickly reporting cybercrimes can mitigate much of the damage, […]

Why It May Be Time for You to Switch Banks

When you change banks, you may have to deal with different interest rates, new fees, and the assorted updating that such a change requires. However, despite having to buy new checks, changing banks can be worth the effort. Here are four signs you should consider a new bank: Bad Customer Service When considering this reason, […]

The 10 Most Common Budgeting Mistakes

A budget is an important part of managing your finances. However, if you have never set up a budget before, there are several errors you could easily make. Here are the 10 most common budgeting mistakes: 1. Not Having One The most common budgeting mistake is not having a budget. A budget takes time and […]

Tips to Grow Your Emergency Fund, and How Much Should You Have?

Emergencies always happen at the most inconvenient times. Without having a backup option to cater for unexpected expenses, you may end up interfering with your budget and your long-term plans. For example, a costly car repair (or a huge deductible for medical treatment) can throw you off your feet, financially. An emergency fund comes in […]

“Side Hustle” Ideas to Kickstart Your Saving Goals

You could make use of a little bit of money if you know of a few ways to get it, right? Whether you are planning to do a wedding, down payment for a house, or just want to pay off some debt, a few extra dollars can go a long way. Your 8 to 5 […]

What Type of Home Loan Should I Procure?

Applying for a home loan is a common step in the homebuying process. A loan gives you the ability to finance a large portion of the purchase price. Depending on the terms of the mortgage that you set up, you can reasonably expect to make monthly loan payments for up to 30 years. Budgeting properly […]