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How to Avoid a Checking Account Hold

When you deposit money to your checking account, you might not have access to the money immediately.  Account holds are temporary delays in making money available. Banks can place holds on deposits to prevent you from using it. Here is some basic information regarding the checking account holds and how to avoid them: Why Do […]

Best CD Buying Strateges When Rates Go Up

Back during the Great Recession, CDs took a massive hit in value and interest. This was because so many people either needed their money, or they wanted to remove their money from the certificate of deposit and put it into something else with climbing value (such as gold). Value for CDs started to decrease around […]

Reasons for Multiple Savings Accounts

Back in the old days when you had to go to a physical bank in order to withdraw, deposit, or do anything with money, you probably had a single savings account and a checking account. You might have put some money into a CD at the bank, but for the most part, the accounts you […]

Pros and Cons of Using IRA Money to Buy Real Estate

Whether you are just starting in your profession, or have already advanced in your career, it is important to think of investing and retiring. With the majority of the workforce in the job market being employed, it is wise to remember the same job could end. Even when you have job security, a time will […]

Tips for Starting Over, Financially (After Bankruptcy, Divorce, or Unemployment)

Even the most common setbacks (the failing of a business venture, a period of unemployment, or end of a marriage) can have catastrophic effects on your finances. Fortunately, it is possible to bounce back, even when crippled with debts: with earning prospects and consistent discipline, you may be able to get past your immediate problems. […]

Expenses That Will Blow Your Budget

‘Money makes the world go round.’ Regardless of where you’re from, you’ve most likely heard this phrase time and again. The quote has been appropriated in every sector and industry today.  What happens, however, when you don’t have enough money to see you through til your next paycheck? Most people fail to budget their funds, […]