Mobile Deposits.  You can deposit checks made payable to you, drawn on a U.S. bank.  You cannot deposit checks payable to others or made payable to a business, traveler’s cheques, money orders, foreign checks, substitute checks, returned checks or postdated or stale dated checks more than 6 months old.  You agree to endorse the check and add “For Bank Mobile Deposit Only” below your signature.  All deposits are subject to verification and can be adjusted upon review.  If you make a deposit before 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time on a business day that the Bank is open, your funds will usually be made available to you on the first business day after the deposit is received.  After verification that the deposit has been received, you agree to shred the deposited item(s).  You may deposit up to $1,000 a day.  The use of mobile deposit is at your own risk, as the Bank makes no warranties concerning the service.  The Bank reserves the right to deny access to the use of mobile deposit without prior notice for reasons related to security.


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